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The Business

WOMEN BUSINESS LEADERS come from all over the world and from very varied backgrounds: the advances they have made in the world are recounted through interviews where they share theirĀ personal lives and career paths, their struggles and triumphs, as well asĀ advice gleaned on their journey.

The women in this book were chosen because they all showed courage in their own walk of life. Each of them at some point stepped in and stepped up! These women stands shining examples of what it means to be an authentic woman in the global world of business. T hese modern women represent the new frontier of the generations to come. May their stories inspire you and help you discover the myriad ways in which women are fashioning the new world being born. The world of the sisterhood.


The Power


offers a roadmap to understanding yourself as an authentically empowered woman and as a leader while also giving you tools to understand the other woman in your life. This book takes you on a self-exploration of heart and covers nine major archetypes of feminine power and wholeness. Each archetype’s respective gifts and strengths support you on your path to manifesting your full leadership potential, purpose and destiny.


The Spirit

Coming in Spring 2019

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Shellie Hunt – Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Success Coach, Philanthropist, & Humanitarian Founder / CEO of the Women Of Global Change, Success is by Design LLC, and multiple companies. The First Lady of Entrepreneurs is described in the international press as “One of the best coaches of human potential and a master of business strategy and multiple sources of income.”